An Unusual Message

A Remarkable Thing Happened When Designing this Web Site

My name is Forrest Dombrow and Nancy hired me to design her first Web site as a marketing tool for her coaching practice.  You don’t normally see marketing specialists commenting in their clients’ advertisements.  However, while working with Nancy, something so wonderful and out of the ordinary happened that I felt compelled to tell her Web site visitors about it.

I was sitting in an initial meeting with Nancy discussing her marketing goals and how I was going to help her achieve them.  After about 45 minutes Nancy stopped me and asked about my career.  Although I only spoke for a minute or so, Nancy was able to clearly and accurately describe my entire work/career personality.  She seemed to know my learning style, my work habits, my likes and dislikes, and me far better than I knew these things myself.  A few more quick comments and she identified (generally speaking) the right type of work environment for me and how I had held myself back in the past.

One of the biggest challenges I face as a marketing consultant is to help my clients identify what makes them unique.  During that brief conversation about my career I knew what made Nancy’s career coaching services unique.

Nancy has an incredibly highly tuned intuitive sense.  She can see and hear behind your words and cut through the clutter and confusion.  What makes her even more special is that she blends this intuitive sense of people with practical, easy to implement career strategies.  A remarkable combination that produces wonderful, enlightening, and truly life altering experiences like the one I had in our first marketing meeting.

If you are considering hiring a career coach, don’t hesitate.  Most career coaches provide great value. If you want a truly unique coach that can really provide the clarity and transformation you are looking for, give Nancy a try.  She really is one of a kind!


Forrest Dombrow
Business Growth Coach
Solve Sales

P.S. After the initial meeting with Nancy I conducted surveys with several of her clients. Without any prompting from me they all mentioned the same attributes I described above as a big part of what made their coaching experiences so positive.