Career Counseling & Life Coaching Services

Whether you are interested in making a career change or transforming your life you have come to the right place! For 17 years I have worked with hundreds of clients, offering a unique holistic approach to coaching.

Transitions Career Coaching/Counseling

If you have the feeling there is something else you should be doing, you are probably right. There is something that feels like a gravitational pull toward expressing yourself in a fuller way in the world. It is important to pay attention and follow this pull as it has your best interest in mind. The work of a career coach is to support you in finding the right career path for you.  I provide a  practical step-by-step approach to help you discover your unique gifts and talents, re-connect with your passions and interests, and help you choose a career that will give you the opportunity to succeed both personally and professionally.

Transitions Life Coaching Services

My life coaching services go beyond the traditional method of life coaching. I not only help you have a better life but show you how to turn your life into your own personal living laboratory.  Your life then becomes an ongoing adventure for your personal growth and development. This approach gives you the freedom to be interested and curious about every situation you encounter whether pleasurable or difficult.

In addition to the on-on-one Career coaching/counseling and life coaching services I offer group coaching and workshops.

Answers to additional questions about the coaching process can be found on our frequently asked questions page.