Career Coaching Testimonials

“I am so glad we did the work on balancing career with having a new baby. The balance has been JUST right. Your coaching made a huge difference and I felt prepared to spend time with my baby while still pursuing career objectives strategically, and that were personally fulfilling.”



“Nancy Franz’s coaching gave direction and focus to my career change. Her thoughtful approach helped lead me on a path toward a promising new field despite the worst economic downturn during my professional career. I recommend her services without hesitation.”

-Luke Clarke



Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know about my progress after our sessions. I have moved into a new position with the same company that requires many of the strengths that we discovered I have. I have a much greater satisfaction with work and going to work. I now enjoy getting up and going to work.

My position now is Quality Lead. I am responsible for overall software processes, procedures and improving quality. I am pursuing Six Sigma certifications as a Green Belt and a Black Belt and will be increasing my knowledge in quality in other areas other than software. These are some of my short term goals. My long term goals consist of starting a business that uses these quality practices to help improve small and medium sized businesses.

Thank you again for your help. It has steered my professional career into a new direction that I never would have done on my own.”

Bernerd George

Denver, Colorado

“We worked together for about six months in mid-2007, as I searched both myself and my future. Through our discussions, I came to understand more about me, about what made me valuable, and about both the courage and freedom to take the steps I needed to take.

In two years since we worked together, I took on a position that well suited my inner desires and my personal strengths. This has allowed me to grow personally and professionally, to the point where now I’m seeking even higher level career aspirations. I’m happy in my job and my life, and will be using this strength and freedom to explore new opportunities – not from an immediate “I’ve got to find a new job now!” place, but because I have come to recognize how much more I can give, offer, and provide. Our discussions helped me to create the space inside me to grow, then to share what I’d developed, and now to propel me to what I knew I could achieve. Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you!”

Alan Hirsch


“Working with Nancy has changed my life. She saw potential in me when I could not see it myself. Her service goes way beyond simple career coaching and can really make a tremendous difference in all areas of your life. When I started with Nancy I was going through a challenging time in my life and needed to heal my past and develop new plans for my future. Working with her has empowered me to remove self-imposed limitations, take on life with a renewed sense of confidence, and fulfill the potential that was hiding deep inside me.”

Karin Lee


“Nancy has an incredibly unique combination of intuitive understanding and practical business advice. When I was looking for a coach it was important to me that the person I hired had a good understanding of the business world. Nancy’s background and experience really add depth and quality to her coaching / advice.

Her career coaching services have proved invaluable in starting my own business. The encouragement I received from her helped me push through my fears. She also kept me organized and on track. I really can’t say enough good things about her.”



“I began working with Nancy at a time in my life when I was unhappy with my work situation. My job was not providing the deep satisfaction I was looking for but I had no idea which direction to go.

Working with Nancy provided clarity and confidence. Her coaching allowed me to determine what was truly important to me and translate that into specific actions. Now, instead of dissatisfaction and confusion, my experience of life and career are balanced and joyful. I know I am on the right path and moving in the right direction. What a great feeling. There is no way that would have happened without Nancy’s truly unique approach to career coaching.”



“Nancy Franz is, without a doubt, the most intuitive person I know. She has that uncanny ability to get down to the heart of a matter in a most efficient, effective and caring way. Clearly she has found her ‘heart’s work’. She certainly helped me find mine.”