Inspirational Stories

Follow this link to the National Public Radio website and hear Ketzel Levine interview 14 wonderful and brave people as they followed their heart’s desire. The series is called, Take Two: Life Changes

  1. Greg Mhol gave up his globe-trotting executive job and took on his new role as Santa Claus.
  1. Yvette Warren evacuated New Orleans and created a new life in Texas.
  1. Liz Wisniewski left her high-powered corporate job to be a schoolteacher.
  1. Casey Amato followed her dream and became a police officer.
  1. Brea Evans left the stable life of in a lab to sailing on the Alaska Warrior monitoring what kinds of fish are being caught.
  1. Terry Rusinow found freedom and independence making her living with a coffee cart.
  1. Caroline Johnson, a real techy, joined her parents in a family business.
  1. Valda Crowder left the emergency room for real estate.
  1. David Rudd performs magic when he is not fighting fires.
  1. Denver’s own Helen Hand took over the direction of Colorado Free University after the death of her brother, John.
  1. Other stories include a lawyer, a doctor and a banker who have made big career transitions.

This series is both entertaining and inspiring!

Artist Annie Tagg

annie-tag-angelAs a young girl Annie Tagg loved drawing, but family difficulties caused her to bury her artist gift deep inside. At the age of 45 she reconnected with her gift and with angels. Annie’s artwork has been featured at the Tennessee Art Center, St.Thomas Hospital, In the Wings, Old Hickory Art Center, East Village Decor, and in private collections.