Career Coaching and Counseling

One-on-one career coaching creates a powerful relationship between you and your coach designed to focus completely on who you are, what you want, and a strategy to transition into a career and life that you love.

I am often asked about the difference between career coaching and career counseling. At Transitions Career Coaching the terms are interchangeable.

The most efficient way to discover a career that will allow you to feel satisfied by the work you do is to identify your gifts and talents, know what kind of environment you need to function at your personal best, and then connect those with your passions and interests.

At Transitions Career Coaching, I have developed a 5-step process that is designed to help you identify your career path.

  1. Discovery Process:  In this initial stage we gather all the information about your work history and current career information. In addition, we document information about you: who you are, what you want, and what best suits you.
  2. Personal Profile: The next step is an in-depth personal discovery process to reconnect with the intelligence of the heart, identify passions, interests, and your life purpose. This information is then integrated with the information gathered in the discovery process to complete your personal profile
  3. Career Research: During the process of creating your profile, two or three career options will have surfaced. Each career option is thoroughly researched using a step-by-step method to gain clarity. The result is a clear career choice based on your personal profile.
  4. Identify Specific Career Opportunities: Research begins to identify specific jobs, target your resume, and fine tune your interview skills.
  5. Assessment: Since there is a learning curve with each new career choice, you will need to examine what your needs and resources are to support you in shortening the learning curve and efficiently working to your full potential.

How We Connect With One Another for Coaching

The career coaching process is available in person, Skype or FaceTime.

The first session is an hour and a half and additional sessions last approximately 1 hour.

I recommend meeting in person at my home office, if that’s possible for you. I have found that when clients get away from the the busy world, they are able to relax and work more efficiently. My home office is on two acres of land in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and offers the environment that will help you move forward our work together.

For most, one-on-one coaching is the most effective method for finding the deep purpose and joy you are looking for from your work. To see if one-on-one coaching is right for you I offer a free sample coaching session.