Resume Writing Services

A great resume is designed to get you the interview you want.

The most difficult part of writing a powerful resume is being objective enough to articulate who you are and how you have been successful in your career.  I am trained to ask you direct and focused questions to bring out all of the information you will need to create a powerful resume. I will help you:

  •  develop your personal brand
  •  communicate your career highlights and accomplishments
  •  write your career history with a results-driven focus

Interview Preparation Services

A great interview will get you the job offer you are looking for. Be totally confident and prepared by working through a mock interview.

You know you have had a great interview when you have communicated the following points:

  • The three biggest challenges the hiring manager is facing and how you can help.
  • Where the organization is headed in the next 5 years and how you can help them get there.
  • What you would need to accomplish to make your boss successful.
  • Exactly what they are looking for in a successful candidate and why you are the best fit for the job.

* Secret interview tip : people remember information they received in the form of stories. 

Let me help you land that job!